We bring a decade of litigation and appellate experience to help lawyers handle complex and time consuming appellate briefs and law and motion practice.

We understand the needs of solo practitioners and small firms. You have busy schedules dealing with the day-to-day issues of running cases, building your business and keeping the lights on.  Our brief-writing, motion and research services can make running your busy practice easier by taking these time-consuming tasks on for you.


The prospect of an appeal to defend your judgment or to overturn an adverse ruling can be daunting and time consuming because of the lengthy briefing, technical rules and unfamiliar procedures.
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 Law & Motion

An MSJ or other major motion can throw your schedule out of whack and brings the risk of losing a case you’ve put hours and dollars into. The prospect of putting dozens of hours into an MSJ opposition when you have no time to spare can place undue pressure on you to settle at a discount.
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