Our Services

We understand the needs of solo practitioners and small firms. You have busy schedules dealing with the day-to- day issues of running cases, building your business and keeping the lights on.

We are here to alleviate that pressure by taking on these tasks for you so you can focus on your business and negotiate from a position of strength, use your own time efficiently and provide your clients with quality work product at reasonable billing rates.


Service Overview

If you are facing an MSJ or other motion filed against you, we can  effectively evaluate your position and prepare the strongest opposition possible.

If you are considering filing an MSJ or other motion yourself, we can help you determine its feasibility and prepare the motion papers for you. 


We can handle your appeal from the time of the judgment or appealable order through oral argument and remittitur.

We can research discrete issues for your cases, provide liability analyses, and help you prepare discovery plans and strategies. 

Let us take on these tasks so you can focus on the big picture


On most projects, we charge a standard hourly rate. A higher rate may apply for rush assignments (3 working days or less). We provide cost estimates on most projects to prevent any surprises and so that you can make an educated decision on how the proposed motion or appeal fits into your overall litigation strategy. The cost for a particular project depends on such factors as the number and complexity of the issues and we are willing to work on flat per-project fees where possible.
For research projects and case analysis, we can offer telephone reports and brief summaries in order to keep the costs in line.